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Respected Nilaben Shah,

4/10/1934 – 03/12/2021

Condolence message

Gujarat Ecology Society is one of many organizations created by Shri Shah for research and conservation of environment. His commitment to preservation of ecology and environment has been an inspiration and driving force for various projects and research activities of the Society. His vision, support and guidance enabled the Society to successfully complete about 108 projects covering diverse subjects including salinity, conservation of biodiversity, coastal environment and restoration of degraded lands, and thereby fulfilling the goals for which Society was created. He insisted and ensured that the Society achieves its objective without compromising on the principles and ethics and the quality of research is not compromised.

While working on various projects Shri Shah always expressed his deep concern for well being of deprived communities like tribal, factory workers and small farmers.

Shri Shah encouraged us to create quality research publications in peer reviewed journals. GES publication like CD on underwater videography of corals, book on Ecology of Coastal Gujarat, reports on Conservation of Rare and endangered Biodiversity of Gujarat are some of Shri Shah’s contribution to the society for which he will be always remembered with a sense of reverence. All of us at the Society feel privileged to have been associated and worked with an exemplary personality like him.

We are aware our words of condolence are inadequate to account for his contribution to the Society. His absence has left a big void, which will be very difficult to fill.

We all the members of the Board of Gujarat Ecology Society; employees and beneficiaries of the society; and community of researchers, academicians, and scientists from across the globe express the heartfelt sorrow on sad demise of Shri Shah. Please accept our deepest condolences. We pray to God and wish the family strength to bear this loss and peace in life. Om Shanti.

Samir Parikh
Acting Chairman
Gujarat Ecology Society
Dec 6, 2021


New Book Released
Revisiting Ecology of The Gujarat Coast
Trends of Last two decades

The greatest danger our environment faces today is the belief that someone else is saving it. Globally, the developments along the coasts are imploding based on the logic of commerce, communication, or recreation and the Gujarat coast of India is no exception. Bringing economic prosperity and growth, these new additions come along with their own challenges of environmental impacts, developmental pressure, social and livelihood uncertainty, economic sustainability, and climate change, thus triggering the need for revising the existing conservation and sustainable policies.
Though many researchers have documented these changes across the world, region-specific integrated comprehensive studies are still lacking at the national platform. A multidimensional holistic approach is required for rationalizing the development and conserving the ecosystem to ensure livelihood security, social and economic sustainability.
Keeping this in mind and taking the pioneering steps in the field, the Gujarat Ecology Society (GES) in 1998 has carried out a baseline study along the Gujarat coast which documented the environmental, demographical, and sociological vagaries along the coastal talukas.
As globalization and industrialization triggered the industrial revolution in Gujarat during the last two decades, the coastline of Gujarat has undergone tremendous transformation leading to ecological and environmental shifts with repercussions on social facet too. Documenting the gravity and magnitude of these changes become the need of the hour.
And hence, the book revisiting the ecology of the Gujarat coast –trends of last two decades was planned whose demand came from strong pressure from a large number of users.
The book is a progression over the comprehensive benchmark study carried out by the Gujarat Ecology Society (GES), in 1998. The present study was undertaken wherein the coastal dynamic alteration over a span of 23 years has been ascertained through a holistic approach. The book highlights the dynamism in the environment, development, demography, and socio-economical aspects spread over seven chapters for each coastal section of Gulf of Kachchh, Gulf of Khambhat, Saurashtra coast, and South Gujarat Coast. The study is the first of its kind along the Indian coast, as the dynamism in environmental and anthropogenic factors has been precisely compared and documented for the same coastal villages, to show the degree of change in the last twenty years. The findings of the book highlight the trends in environmental factors, geological shifts, the stretch of industrialization, shift in social architecture, migration pattern, pollution, heavy-metal contamination, and dilution of dialect and culture. The book also highlights the timely interventions by the center and state governments to protect the environment, elevate the standard of living, and various facilities provided under public partner relationships to bring growth and economic prosperity.
The book compiles relevant information, digitization of past and present changes along the 47 coastal talukas of Gujarat, with the depiction in a user-friendly manner. The interesting feature of the book includes CD-ROM containing 30 years of socio-economic data for the selected coastal villages.


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