Welcome to Gujarat Ecology Society

GES is a research based Nonprofit Organization (NPO) founded in 1995 & is involved in research, conservation & extension activities.

Majority of the projects done by GES has a strong field based component, supported by laboratory work and data analysis.

Established in 1995, Gujarat Ecology Society (GES) stands as a beacon of commitment to environmental research, conservation, and extension activities. As a research-based Nonprofit Organization (NPO), GES is dedicated to fostering a sustainable future for Gujarat's natural resources through knowledge dissemination and impactful initiatives.

The organization is recognized as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organization by the Ministry of Science and Technology, GOI, and is a member of IUCN – The World Conservation Union. We are also registered under CSR (No: CSR00013950).

To date, the society has completed 120 projects with funding support from state and central government departments and corporate sectors. The organisations has published 150 reports, 120 peer reviewed research articles in various national and international journals along with 03 books.The creation of a multidisciplinary ecological database always remained the main component of GES programs.


Our Mission

To pursue, promote, and disseminate knowledge, information, and processes that enable Gujarat's conservation, restoration, and development of natural resources with regard to their ecological sustainability.

Our Primary Objective

Promotion of ecological and environmental awareness

Establishment of scientific facilities for research, offering support for environmental training, extension, and consultancy

Implementation of ecological restoration programs

Networking of  GES


Our Programme

Landmark Projects


Our Activities

Apart from R&D, GES undertakes

What We Do

Awareness programme for environmental issues

Training programme for ecological studies

Preparation of home herbal garden in 100 households of Vadodara city

Formation of Biodiversity Management Committee in Vadodara district

Facilitate graduate and post graduate students to undertake dissertation

Value Addition of Medicinal Plants Training Programme (20 Villages of Vadodara Dist.)