IUCN (CEM) Member

Dr. Deepa Gavali

Dr. Jayendra Lakhmapurkar

IUCN (Otter Specialist Group)

Mr. Akshit Suthar

Individual Intro & Profile

Dr. Jayendra J. Lakhmapurkar / Dy. Director

20 years of research experience in the field of coastal and marine environment, Sediment texture, Geomorphology, Remote sensing, Geological field surveys, Hydrogeology. Associated with GES since 1996 and involved 30 projects of the society with 13 publications in national and International journals.

Dr. Deepa J. Gavali / Director (Acting)

21 years of experience in the field of flora and faunal identification, Ecological studies, Wetlands ecology, Impact of air pollution, Biodiversity conservation. Associated with GES since 1999 and was associated with 35 projects of the society and has 51 publications in national and International journal. She is member of IUCN Commission of Ecosystem Management.

Dr. Jagruti Y. Rathod / Associate Ecologist

She has 10 year research experience in the field of avian diversity, terrestrial habitat of birds and urban ecology. She has 15 national and international research papers, 6, presentation at different conference and workshops, 6 invited talks. She is also the member of editorial board of different journals. Further she has experience of work in different ecosystems.

Ms. Amita O. Sankhwal / Senior Research Fellow

She has done M.Sc. in Environmental Science. She has experience of 5 years in various projects related to plant identification and vegetation studies. She had published 7 research articles in various Journals and 6 oral/poster presentation. She is currently working on the impact of pollution on Mangroves.

Mr. Tejas R. Patel / Project Assistant

He has done M.Sc. in Environmental Science and Technology. He has 3 years of research experience in environmental studies with emphasis on quality of soil and water. He is also engaged in restoration of mining areas. He had published 6 research papers in various journals.

Mr. Akshit R. Suthar / Project Assistant

He has done M. Sc. in Environmental Science. He has 8 year of experience in Wildlife research, Biodiversity conservation and Socio-Economical impact assessment. He had also delivered lectures on Nature education at various education programmes. He also provides wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. He had published 8 Research Papers in various national and international journals and delivered talks/Presentations in 17 workshops and training programs. He is a member of some national and international forums such as IUCN/SSC-Otter Specialist Group and International Association of Bear Research and Management.

Mr. Narayan G. Jadia / Dy. Manager
(Accounts & Administration)

Has 30 years of experience in accounts and administration of private limited companies, Trust and NGOs.

Strong Scientific Database

Creation and lodging of multidisciplinary ecological database is considered as one of the main components of all programmes of GES.


GES derives its strength from networking and integrating the inputs by eminent scientists and specialists in distinct disciplines from various agencies in the country in general and Gujarat in particular.

During various studies we have collaborated with various esteemed organizations, listed below:

• National Institute of Oceanography, Goa
• National Chemical Laboratory, Pune
• Gujarat Institute of Desert Ecology, Bhuj
•  Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Vadodara
• Sardar Patel University, Vallvabh Vidhyanagar
• Bhavnagar University
• Agricultural University of Anand
• South Gujarat University, Surat
• Central Insitute of Fisheries Education

Staff and Laboratory Facilities

The Society has on its rolls, a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals / scientists, on subjects like:
• Environmental Sciences
• Economics
• Marine Sciences
• Wildlife science
• Statistics
• Botany
• Zoology
• Geology
• Hydrogeology
• Aquatic sciences
• Microbiology

The Society is equipped with a laboratory (approved by State Pollution Control Board) advanced instruments for the sampling and analysis various parameters like:
• Ambient air monitoring
• Water and wastewater analysis
• Soil testing
• Plankton diversity
• Flora; diversity and health
• Fauna; diversity, habitat health and threats
• Microbiological parameters
GES is also equipped with a numbers of computers having statistical, graphic and mapping software.