Gujarat Ecology Society (GES) – A Pioneering Force in Ecosystem Research and Conservation Established in January 1995 as a registered NGO under the Society and Trust Act, facilitated by the Gujarat Ecology Commission, Government of Gujarat, GES has been steadfast in its commitment to promoting ecosystem research and conservation activities. Founded by the visionary Shir Hashmukh Shah, who served as the Chairman, GES has emerged as a leading entity with a multi-faceted approach to ecological and environmental initiatives.

Our primary objectives encompass:

GES has undertaken extensive field-based research across diverse ecosystems such as forests, deserts, grasslands, corals, mangroves, wetlands, riverine, and urban environments. Our expertise extends beyond laboratory confines, encompassing socio-economic surveys that shed light on societal issues, especially those affecting marginalized communities. Equipped with cutting-edge tools and techniques, including GIS and remote sensing, GES monitors current scenarios and projects future trends across expansive spatial and temporal dimensions.

This commitment is reflected in our extensive publication record, featuring 120 research papers in various national and international journals, along with three impactful books.

Notable Workshops and Programs:

Landmark Projects by GES:

Beyond ecological research, GES also serves as a nodal agency for capacity building, providing guidance and support for ecological planning and extension services. We conduct various training programs on ecology, biodiversity, and related subjects for institutions and organizations. GES has facilitated a robust network by collaborating with governmental agencies, forestry, agriculture, rural development agencies, and other institutions, fostering scientific data dimensions and resource mobilization. Throughout the journey, GES has actively engaged in activities like workshops, seminars, and events involving corporate sectors, students, and local communities. The GES team is frequently invited as resource persons and eminent speakers for events organized by reputed ecology organizations at both local and national levels.

Join us in our mission to preserve and enhance our ecological heritage.