Dynamic System

Ecological Restoration & Planning of Critical Areas
October 1, 2019
Extension Activities
October 1, 2019

• Climate change studies

• Urban ecology- ground water quality, river systems, parks and gardens, biodiversity impacts, solid waste management issues

• Livelihood issues

Sr. No.Projects by Gujarat Ecology SocietySponsoring Agency
                  1.              Salinity and ecological degradation in North Gujarat RegionSelf funded
                  2.              Environmental law awareness programmeSelf funded
                  3.              Rapid Assessment of earthquake damages in coastal and marine areas of GujaratSelf funded
                  4.              Surat Port Study - Palaeoecology of Swally Hole AreaCambridge University & Gujarat Gas
                  5.              Conservation of Harni Wetlands, VadodaraUnited Way of Baroda
                  6.              Wetland degradation and water logging in Vadodara CitySelf funded
                  7.              Conservation of Wetlands in and around Vadodara CityMoEF, Govt of India
                  8.              Study of gaseous emission by industries in NandesariSupreme Industries
                  9.              Trends of changing climate and eco-environment of Kachchh district, GujaratGEC, Gandhinagar
              10.              Evaluating the health of the environment in and around GSFC plant, VadodaraGSFC, Vadodara
Effect of Common Effluent Channel, Dhanora on Environment (terrestrial and Marine)ECL, Dhanora
              11.              Synopsis of the various environmental and socio-economic studies related to Kalpasar projectKalpasar Dept, GOG
              12.              Status of ecology of Kim and Kolak riverGEC, Gandhinagar
              13.               Ecology and Conservation of Alwa and Limda pondsAPOLLO Foundation
              14.              Assessing the water quality of four ponds (Limda, Alwa, Gulabpura and Amodar) around the factory premises of ATL in GujaratAPOLLO Foundation
              15.              Ecological profiling of the 8 talukas of GujaratGEC, Gandhinagar
              16.              Awareness Programme for Wetland Conservation within Vadodara CityUnited Way of Baroda
              17.              Preparation of State Environmental Atlas (Ongoing)GEC, Gandhinagar