costal & marine

Our Achievement

  1. Benchmark surveys of the Gujarat coast (1996-99)- Self-funded
    • The benchmark study covered 10 km of the entire coast to study the ecological status of various ecosystems, port, industrial, urban, and agricultural development of the region. The study was published as four reports on the Coastal and Marine Environment
      vol. 1) Gulf of Khambhat,
      vol. 2) Gulf of Kachchh
      vol. 3) Saurashtra coast,
      vol. 4) South Gujarat Coast.

  2. Development of a GIS-based information system for the Gulfs of Kachchh and Khambhat- Sponsored by the World Bank, through the Department of Ocean Development
    • Department of Ocean Development identified 12 critical habitats for study under this project. Out of these 12 habitats, two, i.e. The Gulf of Kachchh and the Gulf of Khambhat were entrusted to GES. The project mainly aimed at collecting data and information on physical, chemical, biological, socio-economic, and management aspects of the Gulf of Kachchh and the Gulf of Khambhat. The data was used by the Department of Ocean Development, ICMAM Project Directorate to develop a Decision Support System for the assessment and sustainable management of critical habitat resources – both environmentally and socially

  3. Coral reefs of the Gulf of Kachchh- Underwater videography- Sponsored by
    • The pioneering work of underwater video documentation of four Coral Reefs of the first Marine National Park of India in the Gulf of Kachchh has been brought out in the form of a report and a video documentary of 18 minutes. As tremendous enthusiasm has been generated by this video, it is planned to extend the work to cover all the major coral reefs of the Gulf of Kachchh. Recently discovery of live corals has also been made by the scientists of GES along the northern shores of the Gulf of Kachchh.

  4. Environmental monitoring of inshore waters of the Gulf of Khambhat off Dahej (2000-2001, 2002, 2003-04, 2006-07, 2008, 2009-10, 2013, 2016, 2019 2020-10 time)- Sponsored by IPCL. GACL, Birla Copper, RIL, Dahej
    • The project involves coastal water monitoring for ecological parameters (water sediment, quality, plankton and benthic fauna) surrounding the jetties, installations, and discharge point

  5. Narmada Estuary 2000 & beyond (2000-2001) - Sponsored by IPCL
    • The study was done covering sampling for three seasons from Narama Estuary. Sediment and water samples were studied for biota and biochemical parameters.

  6. Development of Environmental Indicators for the Gulf of Kachchh (2000-01) - Sponsored by Gujarat Institute of Development Research
  7. Marine Environmental Studies in the Coastal Area off Umbergam-Nargol (2001) – Self funded
    • The project was mainly aimed at studying the impact on the marine environment in the construction phase and in the operational phase of a proposed major port. Disturbance to bottom sediments, increase in turbidity, increase in suspended sediment load, damage to benthic communities, reduction in fish potential, loss of mangrove vegetation, shock waves, fine particle emission, obstruction of littoral sediment movement, change in shore-line configuration, possibility of accretion and erosion were some of the negative impacts identified during construction phase were studied. Apart from this, a terrestrial impact assessment to gauge the damage on the hinterland which is a consolidated agricultural area was also undertaken.

  8. Impact Assessment of Offshore Development on Fisheries in Block CB-OS/2 in the Gulf of Khambhat, (2001) - Sponsored by Cairn Energy, Chennai
  9. Assessment of reef-associated biota along the Gulf of Kachchh (2001-02) - Sponsored by PADI Foundation
    • The project aimed at understanding the ecological values of the coral reef ecosystem at the Marine National Park in the Gulf of Kachchh, Gujarat State, India. For this, a comprehensive ecological study has been carried out at Pirotan Island, which is the core area of the Marine National Park. The results of the study indicate that a total of 89 species of fauna and 31 species of flora (seaweeds and seagrasses) were found during the study period.

  10. Survey for prospects of Mangrove plantation in and around Block CB-OS/2 in the Gulf of Khambhat (2002)- Sponsored by Cairn Energy, Chennai
    • Four coastal talukas of Bhavnagar district and the three coastal talukas of Surat district were surveyed at 9 and 8 sites respectively. Apart from critically examining the extant flora and fauna, surface soil samples were collected at all 17 sites, whose positions were noted using a hand-held Global Positioning System (GPS) set. Based on findings, two sites along the Bhavnagar coast have been suggested for their suitability for mangrove afforestation.

  11. Ecology of the inter-tidal zone of the Saurashtra Coast, Changes between pre and post-earthquake scenario (2003 –2005) - Sponsored by MoEF, Govt of India
    • The abiotic and biotic features of the intertidal zone along the Saurashtra coast were monitored during June 2003 - March 2005 at quarterly intervals. Thirteen sampling stations were selected for this study. The scrutiny of the results from the periodical observations of the present study revealed that the coastal waters of Porbandar and Veraval are affected due to the impact of industrial and fishing activities. In contrast, the coast of Mahuva, Gopnath, and Hathab are distressed by the river-borne high concentration of total suspended solids. Interestingly, the corals were observed for the first time at Dwarka, Veraval, Diu, and Mahuva intertidal regions.

  12. Environmental Monitoring in Tapti Estuary and adjacent nearshore region, Hazira (2003-2004)- Sponsored by Shell, GIPCL, Cairn Energy
    • Environmental monitoring was done to assess the health of the Tapti estuarine and Hazira-Suvali coastal waters of the Gulf of Khambhat covering an area of their effluent outfall and offshore installations. Seasonal samplings were conducted along the estuarine, inshore, and offshore waters of Hazira covering an area of 144 km2.

  13. Marine Ecological Study in the Arabian Sea Along West Saurashtra Coast (2004-05) - Sponsored by Reliance Industries Limited
    • GES undertook a detailed study of flora and fauna and migratory route of endangered and nesting species of the West Saurashtra coast, essential, for the environmental clearance of offshore oil exploration blocks of the Reliance Industry Limited (RIL). The study area consists of both intertidal region, and continental shelf off the Kathiwar Peninsula.

  14. Physical Verification of a Mud Flat in the Gulf of Khambhat (2006) - Sponsored by Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited
    • The project aimed at identifying the intertidal area on the head of the Gulf of Khambhat, its sediment characteristics, extent, shape, and vegetation or biota if any.

  15. Environmental monitoring offshore water in Tapti, Panna Mukta oilfields (2005-06)- Sponsored by British Gas India Limited
    • Environmental monitoring was done at offshore oil rigs namely Tapti and Panna Oil rigs using Sagar Purvi Research vessels. Seasonal samplings were conducted along all sides of oil rigs for environmental parameters mandatory as per offshore installations.

  16. Status of fisheries and fishermen of lower Narmada Estuary (2009) – Self funded
    • Socio-Economic surveys including demography, fishery-related livelihood, income pattern, fish catch, and issues faced by fishery were done for the estuarine and freshwater fishery of the Baruch district.

  17. Heavy metal pollution in the Alang Sosiyo Ship breaking yard and bioaccumulation by biota, including fishes (2009) – Self-funded
    • Heavy metal content was analyzed for sediment, water, marine fish, human nails, and hair samples to understand the bioaccumulation of heavy metals in marine biota and human beings.

  18. Impact of Industrial Pollution on Microbial Diversity in Narmada Estuary (2008) - Sponsored by Department of Science and Technology
    • Microbial diversity was analyzed at various locations in the Narmada estuary which were the correlated with water quality of the river.

  19. Tadegaon Environmental study (2008)- Sponsored by Seaside Co-operative Housing Society
  20. Marine EIA of proposed Dahej Shipyard Ltd. (2008-09) - Sponsored by incise Env. & Safety Coll. Ahmedabad
  21. Study of Coastal Ecology and Environment of Alang Ship Recycling Yard (2010)- Sponsored by GMB, Gandhinagar
    • GES took up the study with objectives to study geomorphic and climatic changes, ecology of coastal and terrestrial, status of critical habitats of fish mangroves and birds, study pollution aspects, livelihood dependencies and fishery, land use (agriculture-mangrove), and the likely impact of the future development projects in the Gulf and formulate management plan on to tackle the critical issues.

  22. Studies on the likely impact of the proposed Kalpasar Project on the ecology, fishery, and socio-economic aspects of the coastal community of the Gulf of Khambhat (2009-2011)- Sponsored by MoES, New Delhi
    • Seasonal monitoring was done in the Gulf of Khambhat to understand ecology, fishery, and livelihood which would change due to the proposed Kalpasar Project, creating a barrage in the Gulf.

  23. Analysis, Strategies, Action Plan & Implementation of Policy for the Ecosystem & MNP, Gujarat (2009) - Sponsored by IRADe, New Delhi
    • This was a scientific study based on secondary literature of the studies done in Marine National Park, Gujarat. The paper identifies the areas that require study and further research. The paper gives an idea about management interference that could be implemented in the area considering the protection of fragile marine ecosystems and increasing sea traffic in the region. Some of the important strategies include the creation of a disaster management cell for oil spills in the area.

  24. Marine Environmental Monitoring Plan during Dredging Operations at Bhogat (2011) - Sponsored by Leighton, UK
    • The present study was done close to dredging activity to see the impact of dredging on the surroundings and suggest remedial measures. Four sampling stations were considered during the dredging activity. The results indicate no major impact on the various parameters considered for the study. High TOC and heavy metals in the sediment sample taken close to the dredge site were reported. Heavy metals in water were within the prescribed limits of CPCB. It was concluded that dredging operations are being followed in the prescribed manner without much disturbance to the environment.

  25. Socio-Economic Study of the Fishing Communities around Pipeline Marine Project location at Bhogat (2011) - Sponsored by Crain Energy Pty Ltd
    • The present study involved the development of a socio-economic profile of the fisherman communities in the area and a social-baseline survey of the fishing villages within a 5 Km radius of Bhogat village. Based on the results the short-term and long-term community development interventions that will be relevant to the community had to be designed. The study highlighted the status of fishermen in two fishing villages. The fishing villages lacked the basic amenities and sustained fishing. The fish catch patterns at Navadra show the lowest production in 1998- 99 and peak up in the year 2000-01 and then decline gradually. The reasons for the decline could be due to natural phenomena like poor primary productivity in coastal regions and anthropogenic factors like over-exploitation.

  26. Effect of Common Effluent Channel, Dhanora on Environment (terrestrial and Marine) (2011) - Sponsored by ECL, Dhanora
    • The study was undertaken with the objectives to understand 1) the effect of the effluent water on the crops, soils, and underground water and 2) the effect of effluent on the marine life at the discharge point.

  27. Synopsis of the various environmental and socio-economic studies related to Kalpasar project (2011-12)- Sponsored by Kalpasar Dept, GOG
    • The Kalpasar project envisages the building of an earthen dam across the Gulf of Khambhat. The main objective of the project is to impound 2000 sq km of the northern part of the Gulf of Khambhat to augment the freshwater resource of the state. The study was done to bring out the positive and negative environmental and social impact of the proposed project, by compiling and analyzing various sectoral studies done on various aspects of the Kalpasar Project.

  28. Award of Mandate for Coral Study (2011-12)- Sponsored by L & T Port Kachchigarh Ltd. –Chennai
    • The project aimed at studying the stratification of the dunes using GIS as a platform The project formed an umbrella project under the blue beach flagship project along the Gujarat coast.

  29. Monitoring and Assessment of Sand Dunes Ecology and Plan under the Blue Flag Project (2019-2020)- Sponsored by Gujarat Ecology Commission
    • The project studied the stratification of the dunes using GIS as a platform The project formed an umbrella project under the blue beach flagship project along the Gujarat coast.

  30. Status of corals in the intertidal zone of Shivrajpur Beach (2019-2020)- Sponsored by Gujarat Ecology Commission
    • GES documented the presence of corals on Shivrajpur beach and the ecology of the corals in the area. The results added significant inputs in declaring the area as Blue Flag Beach.