Welcome to Gujarat Ecology Society

GES is a research based NGO and involved in research, conservation and extension activities


Coastal & Marine Ecology

A world Bank Project sponsored by Gujarat Ecology Commission The objective are, 1) to create ecological and environment [...]


Ecological Restoration

GSFC, Vadodara unit had undertaken mitigation steps to reduce air pollution and improve the quality of environment. [...]


Extension Activities

Orientation and training to students participating in National Children Science Congress (NCSC), Since 2001. [...]


As an NGO, GES brings out the technical facts of research in field of ecology and its allied subjects into simple and presents the same before policy makers, managers and people. Hence, cater towards dissemination of scientific findings to common man.

Our Gallery

Majority of the projects done by GES has a strong filed based component, supported by laboratory work and data analysis. The gallery includes field based photographs depicting activities carried out.